Transform visits to your website to hyper-targeted direct mail

Powered by our advanced big-data analytics platform, Digital2Doorstep has the ability to identify visitors to your website as well as what that person or business is interested in, allowing you to send Hyper-Targeted direct mail advertising to the audience most likely to convert. This new level of hyper-targeting is backed by the most recent neuromarketing studies.

Pairing digital traffic with tangible, creative direct mail, Digital2Doorstep cuts marketing costs and increases their returns, while requiring minimal effort from you, the business owner. Digital2Doorstep is the first and only marketing technology service of its kind.

Hyper-targeted data combined with cutting edge technology enables your marketing to be precise and allow you to design simple and repeatable direct mail campaigns that generate sales.

How does Digital2Doorstep work?

  • 1. An interested prospect visits your website

    Like 81% of all buyers, Joe starts his buying journey by visiting your website. He has intent and interest in buying your product or service!

  • 2. The visitor, his location and interests are identified

    Digital2Doorstep is able to identify who Joe is as well as recognize his intent and interest by analyzing the content he was viewing on your website.

  • 3. A tailored custom mailing is sent to your visitor

    Digital2Doorstep then takes that information and sends Joe a tailored mailing offer.

  • 4. The prospect receives the mailing & is delighted

    Joe is surprised and pleased to see a custom mailing offer for something he is interested in.

  • 5. The prospect takes you up on the offer

    Joe is so delighted he takes you up on the offer. He is now a happy customer!

Why Hypertargeted Direct Mail Advertising

Hyper-Targeted Mail Creates Real-World Impact

Here is how Digital2Doorstep’s Hyper-Targeted direct mail advertising stacks up to Digital Ads and traditional Direct Mail.

Advertising Method Digital Ads Direct Mail Hyper-Targeted Mail
Pricing based on Competition & Clicks Geolocation Region Affordable Fixed Price
The Exposure is … Oversaturated 50/50 Interest Interested Prospects
Typical Conversion Rate ~3-5% ~4-10% ~12-18%
Touch Point Approach First Touch First Touch Last Touch
(Top Conversion)
Can Be Segmented by Geolocation