5 Content Marketing Best Practices That Will Carry Into the New Year

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Did you know that 82 percent of consumers reported having made a purchase based on a company’s online content marketing? That means content marketing can have a huge impact on your business sales. Your business needs a content marketing strategy.

What does your content marketing strategy look like in the new year? If it needs improvement, check out these five content marketing best practices that will help your business succeed in 2020.

1. Customize Your Content

Authenticity is very important to today’s consumers. Customizing your content is a great way to showcase your authenticity and build trust with your audience. This will help to should your audience that you are up to date on trending topics, news, and events.

People are more drawn to content that is personalized to them. This will help your business’s content stand out in a crowded landscape.

2. Create a Content Marketing Cadence

Did you know that 61 percent of marketers surveyed publish content several times per week? It can be helpful to create a content calendar to reinforce your publishing cadence. This will allow your audience to look forward to new content coming out regularly.

A content calendar will help you plan your content for a month or more. This can keep you organized and on top of your content marketing even when things get busy. It’s helpful to have one employee own the content calendar in order to keep everyone on task and on time with new content pieces.

3. Showcase Your Industry Expertise

Build credibility with your audience by showcasing your industry expertise through your content marketing. This can be done through any type of content, but video content marketing is a great visual form of marketing. Use video marketing for interviews with industry experts, video tutorials, or training and educational content.

Video is a great way to establish industry expertise. This also helps to get your brand out on more digital channels in different mediums.

4. Optimize Digital Content Marketing for Search and Voice

In 2020 it will be more important than ever for you to optimize your content for search and voice. When developing and writing content make sure you include the proper keywords for these hot digital trends. SEO services can help get your website and business more traffic and more customers.

5. Include Results and Data in Content Pieces

Content marketing best practices include writing pieces that are results and data-driven. Customers want to learn what worked, what the results were, and how they can replicate it to solve their issue or make their lives better. Results and data can often speak for themselves.

Try including data or recent results in your upcoming blogs or video content.

Implement Content Marketing Best Practices

Now that you know these five content marketing best practices, it’s time to start implementing them! It’s never too late to begin your 2020 content marketing strategy. We know developing a strategy can be tough, but we are here to help you and your business.

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