How to Create an Effective Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

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It is estimated that over 77.3 billion pieces of marketing mail pass through the United States Postal Service every year. This proves that thousands of businesses know how to activate effective direct mail marketing.

In the millennial demographic alone, over 80 million citizens under the age of 30 are putting a spending power of approximately $1.4 trillion into the economy by 2020. And 95 percent of them are reporting positive reactions to personalized letters and cards in the mail.

If your business isn’t tapping into those positive reactions, you are losing money. Discover the secrets of effective direct mail advertising right here, and begin making up for lost time.

What is Effective Direct Mail?

Simply put, effective direct mail campaigns are campaigns that give you a return on your investment. There are only three things you need to focus on in order to achieve this result: a list, an offer, and your creative component.

In a direct mail campaign, you create an offer that your recipients can’t refuse. You want them emotionally excited by your offer, so they call you and make a sale.

To do that you need a good list to market to, an offer they can’t refuse, and an offer presented in a way that gets their limbic system to pushing their shopping buttons.

What you don’t need is decades of experience doing it, although that certainly would help.

Research the top 5 marketing analytic tools that can help you accomplish all of these things and get started on your effective direct mail campaign today.

The List

On the Internet, content is still king. In advertising, it’s the direct mail list.

The reason for this is that every entry on every list represents a shopper in your country. If the list isn’t any good, then….the list isn’t any good.

The amount of time and money you spend putting into your list will pay off. You don’t want to spend a fortune developing a list that doesn’t have any consumers on it.

Getting a good list is almost half the battle.

The Offer

When it comes to direct mail, you have to give your recipients an offer they can’t say no to. Simply sending a letter and hoping the consumers arrive in droves might work.

But it won’t work as well as providing an offer that can’t be refused.

You want to incentivize your prospect. Think back to the last piece of advertising mail you opened or received, that worked.

What made you start shopping and spending money there? You likely experienced heightened excitement.

Work with your team that will help you to create an offer that will still net you a profit at the end of the day.

Match the Offer With the Offer

The last important aspect of every effective direct mail campaign is the aspect of your presentation. Your offer needs to match your offer.

In other words, if you are selling $20 million boats, for example, you don’t want to be mailing out simple black and white postcards with a few words of a message.

But if you are only having a garage sale next Saturday with free hot dogs to the first 100 guests, simplifying the message works.

Match your offer with your offer and your potential new clients already feel like a winner.

Hire the Experts

There are a few key elements to every effective direct mail campaign. Those elements are the list, your offer, and how you present it.

Your end game is to produce an offer that gets people excited. You want them excited enough to pick up their phone and place an order or start traveling to the nearest online retailer so they can take advantage of your latest promotion.

You may hear newbies in the business say that direct mail is dead, with digital mail favored over direct mail. But the truth is, as effective as email marketing is, direct mail is opened at a rate of 4.4 percent while email marketing emails are only opened .12 percent of the time.

So why not take advantage of both methods to see which one works best for your company?

Contact the full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in this today.

NuCitrus Technologies has helped many companies reach success through effective direct mail campaigns. Contact us today so we can dedicate our focus to your success tomorrow.

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