How to Optimize Your Next Direct Mail Campaign for Ultimate Results

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We know that there are trillions of dollars waiting to be spent by consumers in the economy. We also know that business-driven direct mail campaigns today are valued in the billions.

Even better, today’s average direct mail campaign is estimated to return over $2,000 dollars for every $167 dollar that your business spends. But that is only if you are doing it right, and optimizing every dollar that you spend.

Discover the secrets to tapping into those billions with this guide on optimizing your next direct mail campaign.

Why Use Direct Mail Campaigns

The most obvious reason to use direct mail campaigns is that it works. Numerous studies are conducted every year to determine the efficacy of direct mail.

It is especially interesting to look at how successful direct mail campaigns can be, in the digital age when email mail campaigns are so much less expensive.

But even so, the numbers do not lie. Regardless of cost at the outset, direct mail targets the human element that email marketing can not – the emotional element.

When a consumer is holding something really cool in their hands, or has a new gimmick or branding gadget or offer to smile over, they develop an attachment to that brand, object, or offer.

When consumers have an emotional attachment to your product or service, you will see them return again and again. So you want to optimize direct mail campaigns for both the short-term and the long-term gains of your primary objective as a business – to make money.

Check out this guide if you are ready to blow up your company’s ROI.

The two simple keys to optimizing every direct mail campaign are to 1.) Tap into those emotions, and 2.) Target the right consumers.

Let’s look at some targeting tips that will begin to optimize every direct mail campaign you intend to run, starting today.

Keep Age Demographics in Mind

Although targeting tools online, such as Facebook’s advertising program, are getting easier to use online, it’s not a universal idea yet. So advertising in online email methods is easier, faster, and less expensive, it isn’t providing the same ROI because of the demographics of the digital age.

When you advertise to a mass email list, you are casting a wide net to a wide variety of people. Some will bite, many will delete.

It is estimated that as little as 67 percent of Americans over the age of 65 have access to the Internet. But 100% of them will receive mail in their mailbox this week.

Online mail campaigns do work. But the best way to optimize your campaign today is to take it in the real world and have your product or service in the actual hands of your next customer as soon as those hit their mailbox.

Use a Gimmick

Some companies balk at the chance to use a gimmick in their direct mail campaign, while successful companies like Land Rover say, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

When you use a little gimmick or gadget in your direct mail campaign, you create a powerful connection between you and the recipient. You have tapped into that element of instant gratification from a tangible object, that your consumer would not have with you if you had just sent them an email today.

They may still never hear from you today if they have spam filters.

When done right, the gimmick can have the consumer you paid to reach talking to multiple consumers you didn’t pay to reach. This is the lovely trickle effect of brand marketing in a direct mail campaign.

Land Rover has mastered this concept in a recent direct mail campaign that offered consumers replicas of tiny cars that they could use to replace the “Escape” or “ESC” key on the keyboard.

Remove the key, pop on this marketing gimmick, and boom, everybody that walks by your desk is talking to you about it. That’s the win for Land Rover.

You can do that too, if you know have the right eyes optimizing your direct mail campaign.

Contact Experts Today

One of the reasons direct mail is so much more effective than other forms of advertising is because it provides instant gratification. Another reason direct mail campaigns are so easy to optimize is the fact that 25 percent of Americans find direct mail more trustworthy than email marketing methods.

Today even, many Americans are afraid to open mail, especially if it looks like spam, for security purposes. But even still in this digital information age, 60 percent of Americans still prefer to look in their actual physical mailbox as they have an emotional connection to physical mail.

That’s a market you can tap into with an optimized direct mail campaign. Contact the professionals at NuCitrus Technologies today, for laser-focused results from your advertising tomorrow.

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