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Actionable Website Analytics

Some words that come to mind when thinking about web analytics:  complicated, generic information and perplexing.

There are many analytics tools out there that have different functions when it comes to choosing software for your website analytics.

Various formats of these analytics tools represent a lot of the same things, like generic information based on anonymous users and their progress through the site.  The most important thing gets left out when utilizing these platforms.  WHO ARE YOUR WEBSITE VISITORS?

InsiderData360 has given life to solving this problem that all website owners face:  Who is on the other side of the keyboard looking at our site? And how do we market to them to turn them from visitors into buyers?  Now in addition to website analytics, we can dabble into the topic of lead generation from these anonymous website visitors, creating a wonderful symbiotic relationship between your digital/traditional marketing and sales team.

Statistics have shown that out of all of the visitors that come to your website, only 2% of them actually identify themselves, leaving a jaw dropping 98% of those visitors unidentified.

Money And Opportunities Left On The Table

An automated inbound funnel of leads is hard enough as it is to create online, and businesses need every opportunity accessible to them to fill their pipeline with viable opportunities.

With InsiderData360’s Website Visitor software, we start with identifying visitors, both B2C and B2B.  We see how they have interacted with your site, what they were interested in and most importantly, who they are.  Let’s put some identifiers to these visitors.

Because InsiderData360 is a complete business software solution, you can utilize InsiderData360’s Contact Form Abandonment software to capture missed sales opportunities from visitors who have not filled out all the information on a contact form (or any form for that matter) and forgot to hit submit.

Or you can start a traditional mail campaign to create a custom hyper-targeted mailer (using our unique mail builder) based on what webpages your visitors looked at.  This allows your brand to be back in front of your already warmed up audience, creating repetition for your products/services they showed interest in.

This innovative, cutting edge software allows a new, fresh insight to your data and a new perspective that can allow the creativity and sales to flow.

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