Intro to Anonymous Visitor Identification: Conversion Tools that Help

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Did you know that 96% of website visitors will leave a site without converting to a lead or sale? This isn’t good for business. So how can you convert those users to a lead or sale?

Anonymous visitor identification will help business owners drive real-world conversions and sales. Keep reading to understand what anonymous visitor identification is and what conversion tools can be used to harness its lead generating powers.

What is Anonymous Visitor Identification?

The vast majority of users that visit your business’s website are anonymous. This means that these users entered and exited your website without providing any contact information or sales. As a business owner, you want to turn these anonymous visitors into conversions and loyal customers.

Anonymous Visitor Identification is a new technology that attempts to turn up just exactly who is on your website at any given time and to provide you with contact information. Imagine being at your desk or a job site, getting a ping on your phone or in an email that alerts you to a visitor being on your site and what they’re looking at.

It’s like someone just walked in your front door and you have a chance to ask, “Is there something I can help you with?” It’s so much easier then to reach out to that person with anonymous visitor identification. We call them a “pre-lead” – someone who you’ve identified on your web property as a potential lead you can now reach out to.

Why Website Visitor Tracking is Essential

Money is left on the table when anonymous visitors are not identified or sought after on your website. New business leads enter your company daily through your website. It’s essential to capture this user data and use it wisely.

Anonymous visitor tracking will help you determine if you are reaching your target market and identify warm leads. This will help you evaluate your digital marketing strategy.

Once you identify users you are able to remarket personalized content to them, or contact them directly. This aspect will help you connect with customers when they are ready to purchase or product or engage in your service.


There are a few small solutions out in the marketplace that can turn website traffic (known as IPs) into a business name.  NuCitrus has created it own platform for pre-lead generation system called InsiderData360.

Here’s how we are disrupting the industry.  The core of our technology does indeed turn your organic and paid (think SEO and PPC) website traffic into real contact information:

  • If your Business to Business, we don’t identify big businesses like APPLE but we also identify the local nonprofit around the corner from you. Our data engineers have also figured out a way to focus the technology into a physical address and provide the decision makers at that location.  From the example above, we would indicate that someone from APPLE’s purchasing department on 123 Main Street in up state New York, was checking out your services. Then we provide the top five decision makers contact so you can get to making business happen.
  • If your Business to Consumer, good luck.  Most identification solutions are only business, however we again have been fortunate enough to have the best minds develop consumer identity as well. We will indicate the address that is viewing your website, the estimated purchasing power of the household (property value and residents net worth) and the residents living there.  Now know this, you can immediately deliver a promotion branding postcard right to the front door or connect with specific residential on one of the social medias.

Additional Website Conversion Tools to Help Your Business

It is easy to think about your website as an information tool. However, it is so much more than that. Your website is a data-rich sales platform that should be leveraged to create conversions and inform your digital marketing strategy.

There are simple additions to your website that will increase your results. Consider using the following tools to drive real-world leads and conversions for your business.

Live Chat

A live chat feature on your website can directly lead to more sales by offering improved customer service. Capture important user information by asking for a name and email address at the start of a chat.

eNewsletter Sign-Up

Newsletter sign-ups are a great opportunity for you to obtain pertinent data from your user. eNewsletter’s can help you understand what content the visitor is interested in. This can help in remarketing efforts.

Contact Forms

The easiest conversion increasing tool is a simple contact form. Consider optimal locations on your website to include a contact form. A contact form will turn anonymous visitors into generating warm leads.

Identify Anonymous Visitors to Increase Conversions Today

Are you ready to start anonymous visitor identification? At NuCitrus we achieve real-world results with marketing technology and strategy. Contact us today to get started.

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