Our Process

How We Work

Let’s just call a spade a spade: the web design process (and app design process) is a complicated and sometimes confusing activity. You talk to anyone in tech and even when they think they’re speaking on your level, they’re talking way over your head in the stratosphere. There ends up being more working parts than you anticipated. You still have to run your business and satisfy your clients, while also interfacing with a bunch of tech nerds.

NuCitrus has a defined process so you know what’s happening at each stage and what you’re being billed for. We have built our web design process in a way that ensures that we meet your needs and goals. We are with you every step of the way.


Our Preflight steps get your project on the runway, fueled up and ready for takeoff.

  • 1. Project conception and Website Ideation

    You tell us what you want and we tell you what we can do.

  • 2. Engagement Agreement

    You decide you want to work with us.

  • 3. Wire Frames & Design

    We draw up a visual of what your site will look like based on what you tell us.

  • 4. Finalizing and Approval of Engagement Assets

    You decide you like the visual and add any changes.

  • 5. Project Kickoff

    We get started on the site.

Flight & Arrival

Your project has taken off and is now in transit across an ocean of design, coding, special functionality and testing.

  • 6. Milestone One - Core Setup

    We setup the template and bare bones of the website.

  • 7. Milestone Two - Website Content & Functionality

    We develop the website functionality and start adding content.

  • 8. Milestone Three - Review, Refine, Innovate

    We review the site with you. Make any changes that are needed.

  • 9. Milestone Four - Testing

    We test the website. Make sure everything works perfectly.

  • 10. Milestone Five - Go Live

    Launch site. It’s ready to use.

Definitely Not One-Size-Fits-All

We believe in systems and standard processes while cultivating a think-outside-the-box mentality. Your project is unique and your business is as individual as you are. We’re not a one-size-fits-all shop but a creative tech-based marketing, branding, and development agency. Are we a good fit for your objectives? Hit the green button and reach out to us. Let’s get this conversation started!