Quick Tips for Converting Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking to Sales

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A smart business relies on data-driven decisions. Data pulled through website visitor tracking is a fantastic start to improving engagement.

Yet, many don’t know the best approach to leveraging this data.

What’s the solution to this data gap? How can you use data to increase sales?

Keep reading to learn more about this topic and how you may be able to utilize data within your business.

The Challenge of Website Visitor Tracking

The average website conversion rate is between 1 – 3%.

That means 97% of your site visitors leave without a trace… or do they?

Your website is constantly tracking its visitors. Google Analytics, and other tools, compile dozens of data points for each visitor. This includes everything from browser type and searches to dwell time and tons more.

There is valuable info in this data — if you know how to interpret and decipher it.

Visitor tracking has its challenges:

  • Data inaccuracy
  • Knowledge gaps

Many site owners accept the low visitor identification rate from contact forms. Yet, this is appalling when one considers the rising cost per acquisition.

Not addressing the challenge of tracking is wasting resourcesLet’s fix that.

Turning Visitors Tracking into Opportunities

Analytic tools only do so much to identify information for its users.

There are huge gaps whenever running Google Analytics reports. This proves frustrating since those visitors (and potential leads) would seem forever.

The awesome news is that there are tricks and tools to fill these data gaps.

Qualify Anonymous Visitors

Identifying potential leads begins by qualifying the anonymous visitors:

  • What were the search query and intent?
  • Which page(s) did they visit?
  • How long did they stay on the page?

Someone visiting a service page outweighs those looking at a news update.

Pull data from analytics to identify your MVP pages. Then, identify patterns and data points to qualify potential candidates.

Maximize Existing Forms

Take what works and amplify the results by doubling down on their use. More specifically, improve the conversion rate optimization of existing forms.

  • Run split A/B tests to improve click-through rates
  • Improve user experience and feedback to boost engagement
  • Retool form placement and optimize their delivery
  • Add layers of personalization to the contact points

The point before where you were qualifying visitors? Focus on those important pages for starters. Then, use data from revised campaigns to roll-out changes on the site.

Other forms you’ll update could include:

  • Live chat
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Calculators
  • Event registration
  • Feedback

See how you can maximize existing resources and then scale the efforts.

Leverage Conversion Tools

The newest advancement in site tracking is Anonymous Visitor Identification.

InsiderData360 is one such AVI tool developed here at NuCitrus. This tool gathers visitor data (IP addresses) and matches them to businesses.

The data offers your sales team a starting point on connecting with their employees.

The team could pull extra data from:

  • Business websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Online listings

The AVI tool also offers B2C data capture. This pinpoints physical addresses and guesstimates household demographics. Sales could follow this data collection with a branded postcard sent via Digital2Doorstep.

Turning Dumb Data into Smart Sales

Seeing ‘unknown’ next to website visitor tracking data is frustrating. You know there’s an opportunity but the lack of data is cutting it short.

There are ways to reveal the identity of these anonymous visitors. We welcome you to explore the tips detailed in this guide to accomplish this.

Also: We’d love to show you InsiderData360 and Digital2Doorstep.

Unlock your site’s full potential with Anonymous Visitor Identification. Give us a call or click here to apply for services.

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