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It is estimated that 93 % of all online experiences begin at the search engine bar, on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Further, approximately 57 % of Internet marketers say that it is their SEO online marketing strategies that are the most successful.

That is more successful than their paid advertising or social media advertising. This is important for you to know if you are wondering why your current SEO online marketing strategies aren’t converting the way that you had hoped.

Sometimes old-school is still best-school. Discover the only 3 things you need to know to take your marketing efforts over the top.

Keyword Placement in SEO Online Marketing

Even though Google changes its algorithms multiple times a year, keywords are still key in SEO online marketing. But it’s not just keywords, it’s how you use them.

Today, Google is looking for those keywords in your headlines as well as in your content. From your H1 headers to your H3 and H4, use those keywords as they stand out to Internet searchers, and to Google’s algorithms as well.

You also still need to put your meta descriptions in as well. Every word on every page matters and keyword placement is huge in your marketing efforts.

Content is Still King

It doesn’t matter how many times Google changes its algorithms, content is still the number one thing in SEO online marketing. What you put on your page matters.

You are better off to have a few pages of quality content than hundreds of pages of fluff that your readers and consumers will never look at. Internet consumers don’t want to read a lot.

But what they do read needs to be quality. Discover how Google content is SEO friendly, and 4 ways to improve your content.

Improve Tracking

In order to know if your SEO online marketing is going well, you need to have superior tracking methods. You want those across every one of your pages, and also in your campaigns as well.

Google Analytics is the easiest way to do that. Here you will get everything you need to know about what searches your readers are using to get there, what keywords they are using, and even how long they are on your page.

Every kernel of tracking you can get tells you what your readers need. When you know that, you know what to give to them, and your success repeats itself.

Start Converting Traffic Today

Converting traffic and readers into dollars and cents is the number one goal of every SEO online marketing plan today. To do so, you need to understand the search engines and the food that makes them create those upticks for you.

Google still sits at the top of the list for searches and handles 64 % of all search engine queries monthly, with Yahoo coming in second at 16% and Bing in third place at 10%.

If you aren’t angling your SEO online marketing strategies to meet Google’s needs, you are missing a big piece of the pie. Take your SEO online marketing to the next level, when you get this, and remove these 3 reasons why SEO and PPC aren’t giving you the results you expect.

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