Why Traffic Sources Aren’t Everything: The Importance of Conversion

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Driving traffic to your website is a big deal in digital marketing. After all, you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, right?

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for significant traffic, but it’s important to remember that views don’t equal engagement.

If you focus too much on traffic, your viewers might visit your site only as an informational brochure. But your content can do so much more.

Website traffic conversion is a far more critical metric to your success. So, let’s look into that!

Why Conversion Rates Matter

Boosting your conversion rates translates directly into a boost of your profits, and it is one of the cheapest ways to do this.

Instead of investing more money to make money, you can simply optimize your current approach to make your strategy do more work. Observing conversion rates is the way to do so.

Conversion Rates Can Forecast Success or Failure

This metric gives you an honest indication of whether your business is headed in the right direction.

By watching analytics reports, you can see which parts of your business attract the most conversions and which audiences might become your best customers. Weaker conversion rates indicate when an area of your strategy needs to be reworked.

More Conversions = Fewer Expenses

Higher conversion rates allow you to reach more people and do more without expanding your ad budget.

Focus on the Right Funnels

Studying which factors are most important for driving conversions allows you to optimize your website, campaigns, and sale processes to work in sync and create an air-tight sales funnel.

Conversion rates as a focus let you make your site more valuable for visitors and customers, which benefits you in the long-term.

Improving Conversions

Boosting conversation rates can be done in a few simple steps to get you started. Beyond that, the key is to research trends and keywords and use them to keep optimizing your content and strategies.

  • Optimize your ads: Nail your ad copy with the right keywords to elevate yourself over your competition
  • Let your landing page follow: When visitors click onto your page through your ads, show them exactly what they came for and lead them down the sales funnel
  • Narrow down your audience: Sometimes it’s wise to cast a broad net, but often focusing on a more niche audience boosts conversion rates faster
  • Grow on social media: Use your social media following on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as social proof—include social media links on your website and urge your social media following to share and engage

Last but not least, you’ll need to formulate a superb CTA, an image, or a button that prompts visitors to act. Use these to grow conversions for your mailing list or to offer your visitors a free demo of your product

Use the Right Toolkit to Boost Conversions

Support your strategy with leading SEO tools. If you want to start learning about your conversion rates and how you can improve them, a powerful analytics tool is crucial.

This will allow you to monitor what is and isn’t working, and who your audience really is.

Focus Your Strategy on Website Traffic Conversion

Don’t just have a site that’s pretty to look at, make it work for you. Focusing on website traffic conversion is the best way to make your content do more and increase your bottom line. Need help creating a strategy? Contact us today!

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