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Predictive, Big Data & Reporting

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Predictive analytics is where Big Data meets business intelligence(BI). What do you do when your business collects staggering volumes of new data? Today's business applications are raking in mountains of new customer, market, social listening, and real-time app, cloud, or product performance data. Predictive analytics is one way to leverage all of that information, gain tangible new insights, and stay ahead of the competition.

We at NuCitrus Technologies are proved to be in love with Tableau, along with our happy customers. We believe that there are still many people who don’t know much about this visual business intelligence tool. Are you one of them?

Tableau helps to see and understand the data which otherwise can be confusing..

"We help people see and understand their data"

Tableau makes analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It is no wonder it has gained a growing interest among business users.

Tableau is primarily used for

•       Creating dashboard, reports
•       Data discovery and Visualization
•       Self-Service BI
•       Simple statistical analytics like trends and forecasting

Think of it this way..

Think about a sales representative looking at a lead profile in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform such as Magento. Let's say the assumption is, the lead will buy your product. Other assumptions are that the variables are product cost, the lead's role within a business, and the company's current profitability ratio. Now plop those variables into a regression equation and voila! You've got a predictive model from which to extrapolate an effective strategy for pitching and selling a product to the right leads.
Our predictive analytics solutions help you to identify likelihood of
future outcomes using data, statistics, and machine learning
techniques. We help you:

• Accelerate business decision-making using advanced predictive modeling and machine learning
• Uncover hidden costs to optimize business operations
• Discover new opportunities for business growth
Besides self-service Business Intelligence, where companies implement and deploy tools independently, NuCitrus Technologies also offers various consulting services. Starting with a dedicated onboarding service, which includes workshops, assessments or Proof of Concepts (PoCs) in line with specific project and customer requirements. Furthermore, NuCitrus Technologies provides support in using Big Data Analytics services, prepares the information and delivers ready-to-use reports – e.g. for companies, which do not employ their own data scientists. Through this end-to-end-service, NuCitrus Technologies ensures that the customer receives relevant results and meaningful visualizations to unlock the full potential of big data – be it through providing decision and action options or through developing completely new data-driven business models (DDMB).