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Mobile Applications

From Concept to Creation!

You’re About to Go on a Journey and We’ll Be Your Guides.

Mobile apps when they’re created with a clear purpose offer valuable marketing opportunities. They can tap into enhanced communication with your customer base, providing the tools to reach out to customers again and again.

Consumers are virtually glued to their mobile, and in our world’s fast pace environment, many would rather engage with an app for routine tasks. With an app, your business can engage with your customers at more touchpoints efficiently, while enhancing service and support.

NuCitrus Technologies has built apps in all types of verticals and niches, utilizing all types of phone and tablet features. Some of our clients include West Chester University, Bloomsburg University, Merck and the North Penn Boys and Girls Club.

Our full-service mobile app design and implementation service includes conceptual sketches, wireframes, branding and design, coding, and then testing and submission to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Are you wondering if an app is right for your business or organization? Contact us today to schedule a conversation.

Break it Down Now


Conceptual Sketches

We provide conceptual sketches to our clients as a courtesy. The purpose is to quantify the concept to paper.

Wire Frames

Take the rudimentary sketches of the application and transform them into sanctioned and usable interfaces which are called wire-frames. Wire-frames is a black and white rendering of the entire applications conceptual functions. A wire-frame layouts out the methodical flow of the application displaying everything from single button styles to whole screen layouts.

Branding and Design

In this phase we take the wire-frames and have our graphic designer apply the brand and create a cohesive design and style to make the application come to life. Most hybrid applications lack design quality and are used for less complex applications and typically do not undergo this phase


By this time the application is well defined and laid out which allows our development staff to start writing the code for the application.

Test and Submit

Testing involves analysis on an array of devices in a variety of orientations. Testing goes through each of the use cases and features of the application. Once the testing is complete and refined, the application gets submitted to its perspective app store. iOS for Apple apps get submitted to iTunes android get submitted to the Play store. Some applications that are proprietary or private will have a website created for private distribution of the app among its staff.