We are NuCitrus

And Who Is That?

You better the lives of your customers with your products and services. We inspire brand innovation with businesses like yours to help accomplish your goals by reaching your audience.

You’re probably looking for the best marketing company to fit your needs. NuCitrus Technologies bridges the gap between technology and marketing. We want to be your guides on the path through the mountains of finding, reaching and converting your audience. Our approach is creative yet collaborative and practical. We believe in brand innovation so you can make the greatest impact on the lives of your customers and clients.

We use any tools and techniques necessary; we don’t just think outside the box – heck, we’ll build the box if we need to!

Our Leadership Team

NuCitrus is a team of expert developers, designers, marketers, and consultants. Our faces may look young(ish) but there are many collective decades of experience under the hood. Together we have the ability to take on whatever your project needs. And we’re totally obsessed with dogs.

Our Story – The Timeline

NuCitrus is established

March 22, 2012

nucitrus CEO Louis Lombardi III

nucitrus technologies best web design company pennsylvania

Moved into Lansdale, PA

January 15, 2013

full stack web development company quakertown

Acquired Merck, ACDelco and West Chester University as clients

May 16, 2014

Merck logo | merck marketing strategy

acdelco marketing logo

west chester university marketing

Acquired Sitecats web agency

April 22, 2015

web design and web development for small business

Acquired Local Consulting Agencies

October 16, 2015

digital marketing agency quakertown pa

Awarded 39 on Philadelphia 100

October 25, 2016

Philadelphia 100 logo | fastest growing web design agency

Moved to Quakertown, PA

August 1, 2017

nucitrus technologies quakertown milford village web design

Launched our proprietary technology: InsiderData360™

June 25, 2018

Web Analytics Tools

Management became Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program alumni

August 25, 2018

10,000 Small Businesses - Goldman Sachs logo

Launched the InsiderData360™ Analytics Product

September 9, 2018

best Web Analytics Tools

Launched the hyper-targeted mail service Digital2Doorstep™

January 1, 2019

direct mail advertising quakertown

Do we sound like a match?

At NuCitrus we pride ourselves on technical innovation, creativity and workmanlike approach to getting the job done for you. We envision the multi-dimensionality of your project and apply to it a decade of experience in tech and marketing. And if you work with us long enough, we’ll probably make you laugh, because we’re all hilarious. If we sound like people you want to work with (we are the best marketing company in the Quakertown area), click the green button below (or enjoy navigating through the rest of the site).