Your Guide to Making High Impact Videos for Your Business

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Did you know that marketers who utilize video are likely to grow their business’s revenue 49% faster than those who don’t?

This might have something to do with the fact that according to data from Google, up to 50% of internet users search for videos related to products or services before going to a store.

From these stats, it is clear that video is an important marketing tool for any business. However, to stand out, the video you make must be impactful.

Making high impact videos is an art, so the sooner you get started the better. Read on to learn some of the biggest tips and strategies for creating video content that draws views and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Provide Value

One of the first rules of video content marketing is to provide value forward content. With the internet awash in content, to get people to watch your video, it has to have something of value to offer them.

This could be:

  • Entertainment (humor, human interest, relatable content)
  • Information (how-to’s, guides, tricks and tips, explainer videos, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Comparisons
  • Sincere company narratives
  • Authentic glimpses into your company

As you can see, there are tons of ways to offer viewers and potential leads value through video content. Always put yourself in the viewer’s shoes, and ask yourself if the content you want to produce is going to be of value to them when they watch it.

Craft a Click-Worthy Title and Thumbnail

Once you have established what value you will be bringing, the next step is to craft a click-worthy title and thumbnail. This is crucial, as the title and thumbnail are what draws viewers in. If neither of these are tempting in any way, chances are your potential viewer is going to watch something else that looks more interesting.

Be Smart with Your Intro

According to Youtube itself, the first 15 seconds of a video is the most important. During this time viewers will either decide if they want to watch your video or click away to watch something else.

For this reason, a smart move is to make your intros, quick, snappy, and catchy. Layout what the viewer is going to get out of watching the video and then dive in quickly. You can also include some ‘hero shots’ or sneak peek footage into the intro to tantalize your viewers and give them a taste of what is to come.

Be on Brand

One of the key elements to making the best marketing videos for your brand is to stay on brand.

You can do this by:

  • Consistently using your brand’s colors and staying true to its aesthetics
  • Displaying your business’s logo
  • Create a cohesive tone and flow through your videos
  • Using your brand’s voice (formal, casual, caring, etc

By staying on brand you create a seamless and recognizable experience for viewers, which builds brand awareness, trust, and credibility.

This ensures that your business is getting the maximum benefit from its video content marketing strategy

Nothing Is Stopping You from Making High Impact Videos

Although it can take time to master the skill of creating viral-worthy and engaging marketing videos, nothing is stopping you from starting, especially now that you have some of the biggest tips up your sleeve to give you the edge.

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